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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke

Recently I asked my students, “What is spiritual health?” One answer was: “Being happy with myself.” Another was: “Connecting with my inner self.”

Researchers say the development of the human spirit, or spirituality, is necessary for total health. If that is true, maybe we are not focusing as much as we should on that aspect of life. I like to define spirituality as that part of our existence which is involved in searching for, and contacting, the transcendent capacities found within and/or beyond the self.

The capacities that make up the human spirit define our potential for growth and development in certain areas. They include: (1) the capacity to find meaning and purpose in life; (2) the capacity to establish values and moral standards; (3) the capacity to develop internal and external relationships. For many, it’s a relationship with God that feeds the soul and lifts the spirit.

Our spiritual health is nurtured in many ways. Some find it in quiet time, prayer, meditation, or in pondering the truth in our sacred writings. God meets us in these moments and our spiritual side is engaged. Regular worship also heightens our spirituality and connects us to the Divine. It’s like water to a thirsty plant.

Don’t forget to nourish your spiritual side. Check out the weekly Chapel services: Warmer Auditorium Wednesdays at noon and the Hawai‘i Loa campus Sunday evenings at 7:30 You will find food for the soul and refreshments for the body. Have a great semester!

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