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AIDS Walk: A fun way to help out

by April Tashiro, Arts & Entertainment editor


The Life Foundation, which provides AIDS services and education for the community, will sponsor its annual fundraiser, AIDSWalk, on March 8 at Kapi‘olani Park. Interested participants can register now.

Participants can register online at Donations are accepted by VISA or MasterCard. Online registrants will receive the updates by e-mails and can issue an electronic invitation to the walk or for donations by online.

People who do not have access to the Internet can register by phone: 521-2437 ext. 240. A donation record sheet and other information materials will be mailed to them. Late registration and donation banking will be accepted at Kapi‘olani Park on the day of the walk.

The Life Foundation is Hawai‘i’s oldest and largest AIDS service organization, and this year’s AIDSWalk, “20 Years of Hope in Action,” is a commemoration of its 20th anniversary. The organization offers referral and case management for people with HIV/AIDS, and focuses on HIV prevention and education for the community.

The 12th Life Foundation AIDSWalk will start with entertainment at 8:30 a.m., and the walk will follow from 9. Food, information, and entertainment will continues until 12:30 p.m.

AIDSWalk participants ask their friends, family, or co-workers to sponsor them for the walk with tax-deductible donations to the Life Foundation. Participants who raise more than $100 will get an AIDSWalk commemorative T-shirt. Those who raise the most money will get prizes at the awards program, which starts after the walk at 12:30 p.m. Any business or organization can form a team and be part of this event.

The walk’s route is about five km. around Kapi‘olani Park. It is suitable for all ages and abilities including participants in wheelchairs, or strollers. From 1983 to 2001, in Hawai‘i, 2,583 AIDS cases have been reported. Of these cases, 1,078 have died.



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