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Minske HPU athletics' voice

by Chuck Cordill, staff writer


When Chuck Miske’s wife sees her husband talking to himself while watching television sports, volume turned down, she doesn’t freak out and ask herself, “Just what kind of man did I marry?” She understands he’s pursuing a dream, working hard at something he loves. After all, her husband is the “Radio Voice” of Hawai`i Pacific University athletics; radio and TV for Sea Warrior volleyball.

Chuck Minske

After six years of broadcasting selected Sea Warrior games over the radio, HPU alum Chuck Miske is working his first year as the school’s Sports Broadcasting and Advertising Coordinator. He’s working full-time at a job he enjoys, and he plans to keep growing with the position. But what about “talking to himself?”

“During the off-season, you get a little rusty,” said Miske. “So I catch a game on TV, turn the sound off, and do some play-by-play,it helps me get back in form after the down-time.”

In addition to his play-by-play duties, Miske also hosts an hour long radio show every Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. on KUMU II, 1500 AM. He reviews the past week’s games, interviews HPU athletes and coaches, and fields questions from the listening audience.

Listeners can dial 947-1500 with questions or comments. The format presents a challenge, but Miske is optimistic about the prospects.

“It’s hard at times, especially when you have just one or two teams active during a particular period,” said Miske. “I have an hour of airtime, but I’m limited by the schedule to who I have on the show. I try to keep things fresh, but I’m hoping that audience participation increases so we can expand the discussion.”

HPU athletics webcasts can be heard by logging into on a web browser.



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