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Sex with Lurch

by Anna Belizzi, associate Etcetera editor


Think circa 1972 Bowie/Ziggy Stardust, B-movies and monsters, drag queens, glitter and glam; throw in some sand and surf, and you have the makings for a great evening of music by Sex With Lurch. After playing shows in Maui, SWL hit Honolulu for a two-night booking at The Wave Feb. 7 and 8.

Originally from LA, the current lineup for this eclectic mix of misfit band members includes Aniela, a cello-turned-bass player; Lurch, a

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six-foot plus Adams Family member look-alike, and two dancer/vocalists, Electra Lux and Brandy Warhol, AKA “The Queens.” Top that off with amazing percussion from Roy Staley, surf riffs and sexy vocals performed by almost completely nude by Robbie “Tomkat” Quine, phenomenal guitar and vocal support from Bernard Yin and Blue, and you have an amazing conglomeration of talent, great music, and a blast enjoyed by all.


Since _______, the current lineup of SWL has played the LA circuit, hitting venues on the strip including the Roxy and the Troubadour. “We also play a lot of underground fetish clubs,” says lead vocalist, Tomkat. “There’s a strong buzz in Hollywood.”

The last time SWL appeared in Hawaii was a year ago at The Wave. Yin, who is also the band’s publicist, attributes a second show in Hawai’i to the success of last year’s show at The Wave.

Aside from the dancing drag queens, ever present Lurch, and various stage antics, the sound that comes from this group is outstanding. Not a lot of bands are able to blend so effortlessly their musical element with an entertaining show, and with SWL, it is obvious that no one is acting. “Everyone does their own thing”, says Aniela. Bernard hit the stage Saturday night in red pants, a black t-shirt, and a black bondage collar. “If you think too much about [the look], the music suffers.”

If art is meant to express the artist to a full extent, uncontrived and void of bias, SWL is a masterpiece. Tomkat summed up the band perfectly, saying “I like sex, monsters, transvestites…. I love glam and surfing and the L.A. street scene.”

SWL played original songs that appear on _______ , including the x-rated “Alice in Fetishland,” the longingly pleading “Pretty on the Inside,” and “Glitterbitch,” which has been on rotation at L.A.’s world famous KROQ radio for about a year.

The highlight of the show that brought the house down was a sluggish, eerie, sexy/slutty, vamped rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walkin,”

The band strives for a garage sound that isn’t too clean, but at the same time is able to incorporate many different sounds from many different genres. From dark lyrics and heavy baselines reminiscent of Goth/industrial sounds, to staccato guitar riffs found in the roots of punk and metal of the early/mid 90’s, SWL masterfully works it all in to make a sound that truly is unheard of in popular music today. “I want the fiercest glam rock band in LA, “ said Tomkat.

With the ability to blend many sounds into one that can reach a variety of audiences, it is no surprise SWL has the following it does.




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