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What's your yoga style?

by April Tashiro, staff writer


Yoga has become a very popular exercise today, especially for women. There are yoga classes, magazines, books, instructional videotapes, and DVDs everywhere! In order to choose the right yoga style, it is important for beginners to know what to expect.

According to, the root of yoga is the same, but there are various styles in yoga. For people who really want to work out, Ashtanga or Bikram yoga is recommended. Ashtanga yoga focuses on power,

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endurance, and flexibility, all of which can be physically demanding. A popular workout, Power Yoga, is based on this particular style of yoga. On the other hand, Bikram yoga's focus is to warm up the muscles for stretching. It sounds easy, but the physical effort required makes it a first-class workout.

The Ananda or Kali Ray Tri style is for people who want a gentler workout. Ananda is not an aerobic exercise, but its goal is to tune the body, mind, and emotions. Kripalu yoga emphasizes the coordination of breathing and body movements. Kali Ray Tri yoga can help people to have a proper body posture. The poses of this style concentrates on the spine, and its level can be changed according to the endurance, flexibility, and experiences of those who practice this style.

The most popular yoga in the West today is asanas-a mix of physical postures, breathing, and meditation.

No yoga style is better than the other, as each has its own health benefits. However, it may be good for beginners to try many styles to find out which one suits them best, as people's exercise goals and preferences can make some styles more suitable than others.



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