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Thak goodness it's Friday

by Cari Aguilar, Student Life editor


HPU’s newest social activity “TGIF,” which kicked off last month, will bring a taste of “Aloha Friday” to the downtown campus throughout the spring semester. This entertainment event, hosted by the Office of Student Life and ASHPU, is held each Friday from noon to 4 p.m. at upper Fort Street Mall. Instead of aloha wear, however, attendees are encouraged to wear HPU logo wear to demonstrate school spirit.

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“TGIF is an initiative started to help boost morale and encourage interaction between students, staff, and the community,” said Heather Hubbard, director of Student Life and faculty advisor for ASHPU. “We have invited the whole community to come out for this.”

TGIF will offer entertainment such as music, games, and contests. In the last few weeks, live music by Ernie Cruz and trivia contests have been part of the TGIF entertainment schedule.

The next TGIF, Feb. 14, features the game “Singled Out,” which is styled after the popular dating game show on MTV. A $50 gift certificate for dinner is up for grabs for the winners.

Hubbard promises that the most popular games from the 12 TGIF events last fall will return, such as “Bungee Run,” “Stress-Free Day” and “Dunk Tank” (for the Hawai‘i Loa campus). A pie-throwing contest and a talent competition are also on the agenda later in the semester. Various sponsors, such as Coca-Cola, Papa John’s, and 104.3 FM will participate in TGIF events.

TGIF events are free, with the exception of games that serve as club fundraisers. These may charge a minimal fee, which is usually less than a dollar.

Each week, ASHPU members will man an information tent to answer any questions students may have about TGIF or HPU in general. “We welcome other clubs to join in as well,” Hubbard said. For more information about future TGIF events or how to get involved, visit the Student Life Office on Fort Street Mall, call 544-0277, or e-mail




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