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HPU Gallery presents golf

by April Tashiro, Art and Entertainment editor


A new art exhibition, Four Rounds, opened at the HPU Art Gallery on the windward campus Feb 2 and will run until Mar. 12.

Four Rounds is a unique, mixed media exhibition about golf. It was created by three local artists - B.A. Akamine, Robin Lee, and Nicole Morita - who got together a year ago and with the idea. “We thought golf was an appropriate subject for Hawai‘i,” Lee said.

“We are talking golf in the way of economics, as well as politics and tourism.”

Click on image for larger view

Four Rounds includes 18 artworks, all the same size and shape, representing various military, private and resort golf courses in Hawai‘i. Each artwork is a box that contains a cup with a piece of paper on which is typed a fact or a quotation about a specific golf course.

According to Akamine and Morita, all the facts except one have been already published, and some of the quotations come from government documentation, such as City Council research studies or surveys.

“It is a little bit different from some of the shows that you normally see,” Akamine said of the exhibition. “It isn’t just about selling the artworks, but it’s also about making a statement with the artworks and trying to say something to the audience.”

If you plan to visit the exhibition, the artists recommended you come with an open mind. “Come and enjoy. It’s all about fun, excitement, drama, power, money and desire.”

The gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and admission is free. For more information call 544-0287.



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