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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke

During the course of a semester many challenges come our way. Balancing schedules, getting ready for exams, meeting financial obligations, and getting connected with new people are but a few. When so many things build up and come due, it’s easy to find ourselves over-whelmed and under-energized. Have you ever wanted to just throw in the towel and take time out? Where do we find our strength?

Remember one of the great stories of the Old Testament in the Bible. David, a young lad, was picked by the Israelites to do battle against the giant Goliath who represented the Philistines. The mismatch of all time! Seeing the obstacle coming at him, David could easily have run the other way. Instead, he looked the giant right in the eye, used the tools he had available (a slingshot), and hurled a stone that brought down the mighty hulk. From this experience of facing the obstacle with courage, David went on to become the king of all Israel. He didn’t give up. He knew God was with him!

Like David, when we face the “giants” before us we are at our best when we look them right in the eye and use the strength God gives every day to those who trust him. When you are next over-whelmed, take a moment, ask God to be with you. I believe you will find strength to face any obstacle!

Don’t forget our non-denominational Chapel services Wednesday, noon–12:30 p.m. at Warmer auditorium and 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the Hawaii Loa Campus lanai.

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