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Be someone else, some other time and place

by Mbacham Abegesah, staff writer


As college students we can get caught up in the commotion and every day routine. Graduation and grades are important goals, but sometimes you need a way to escape.

The introduction of the computer has allowed us to work faster and become more organized.

The computer also provides us with many games to escape our lives and put ourselves in more interesting situations.


One way to escape is through a computer game that will occupy a lot of your time. The best type of games to occupy your time are simulation games. Do you ever dream of being a mobster? No problem. Establish yourself as a common citizen in the 1930s and work your way up the gang ladder. Along the way you can plan hits, collect money, and steal the best cars of the mobster era.

It wonít be easy to get to the top. The cops will be on your back, and rival gang members always will be out to get you. Get them off your back by intimidation or bribes or kill them, sometimes, making an examples of them.

If you need money, go to the casinos and test your luck or just take a hand in the bootlegging industry. If you are good, youíll gain the respect of a Don. Most mobster simulation games require a Pentium-level computer and a good deal of computer memory. Itís worth it for the opportunity to take over a city. If you are a person who enjoys the military and playing war, there are simulation games that you will like. If you want to relive Desert Storm and do things your way, here is your chance. Become a United States soldier and maneuver through the deserts of Iraq while facing intense ground combat. Use assault rifles and machine guns to eliminate enemy strongholds. For some bigger missions use rocket propelled weapons that cause more destruction. If you lose, donít worry, itís only a game.

If you ever wanted to be a secret soldier, there are games out there for you. You can choose from a variety of top-secret missions that must be accomplished to change the course of history. You can get a mission, look at a map, and pick the best strategy to accomplish your mission. If you see an enemy that you canít get past, choose from a collection of sniper weapons to kill them and continue your mission.

Some games have a timer, so this adds more challenge and intensity. If a mission is too much for you to handle by yourself, get connected to other players around the world. You and your fellow soldiers can arrange a strategic and successful ambush on an enemy camp or infiltrate and collect sensitive information. Remember that stealth is your ultimate weapon.

Maybe you like air combat instead of ground combat. Now you can fly some of the most sophisticated jet fighters. Break the sound barrier and launch air to air missiles at opposing fighter jets. Test your dog-fighting skills and push yourself to the edge of your seat. Donít forget, once youíre in the air its kill or be killed. For helicopter enthusiast, put yourself in the latest combat helicopters. Use a variety of missiles and helicopter mounted machine guns. Fly into hostile areas where no jet fighter can go. You will face ground to air missiles and opposing aircraft. You may have the option of going into a hostile area with the help of other pilots so you can arrange better strategies. Youíll feel secure that if you get hit, youíre surrounded by metal and fuel. These games can be played on a personal computer or a video game console. For online play with other players you will need an Internet connection device, preferably a cable or DSL modem.

If you like history there are many games to choose from. You can put yourself in one of the great civilizations and control its advancement. Be the leader of the Huns, the Byzantines, or even the ancient Mayans. Your goal will be to expand your civilization. Arrange the collection of food, wood, water, gold, or stone. Create workers to make things happen. Make them build castles, stables, farms, and a wall to protect your civilization.

Remember, there will usually be rival civilizations around you. Use ancient military weapons and techniques to overrun them and take over their areas. To get through their walls use ancient siege weapons like battering rams. For long distance attacks use different catapults and cannons. Some games have sea-to-sea combat. To make the games more interesting, invite players around the world to team up with you or against you. The use of a high-speed modem is recommended.



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