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Spring Club carnival sets record

by Kawailehua Kahumoku, assoc. Student Life editor


With good weather and the biggest student turnout ever for a spring term, Club Carnival kicked off the semester Jan. 31 with 57 clubs and 13 outside vendors lining Fort Street Mall. Events for the day included a pep rally and island music with Ernie Cruz.

“We always look forward to seeing all the HPU clubs participating,” said Heather Hubbard, director of Student Life. “It’s a great day when clubs can promote themselves.”

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No new clubs participated; however, two groups were allowed to set up a table to see if they could generate any student interest. The Latter-Day Saints Student Association was one. “We’re just here to get students started,” said Carol Jaros, assistant advisor to the LDSSA, a worldwide religious organization. The Cultural Diversity Club was another group allowed to participate along with the Math/Science & Engineering Club which was reinstated as a club this term.

Students looking for some adventure, there was the Dive Club, which started last year. Joakim Hjelm, who graduated last spring, enjoyed it so much he now volunteers his time helping out on dives, “It’s good fun. We go everywhere,” said Hjelm. “You can find diving spots all over the island.” Students who want to join the fun can log on to campus pipeline for information.

Students looking for some different adventure could check out the Fantasy Gamers booth. “We set up role playing for different games, Dungeons & Dragons or Lord of the Rings, and others,” said club member Oneika Williams.

On the more serious side was the Debate Club. “It’s a great way to learn and it helps with public speaking,”said Shaun Tateishi, Debate Club president. The Debate Club participates in workshops, brings guest speakers to HPU, and judges high school debate tournaments. For more information, contact Shaun Tateishi at

Looking to network? Join the Students in Free Enterprise Club at HPU. SIFE, helps students develop career opportunities and take what is taught in the classroom into the real world. For more information, visit

Club Carnival is a day for students to interact and network, and for clubs to gain members. Being a member of a club also looks great on a resume. For more information visit or stop by the Student Life offices in MP 105.




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