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New scholarship honors trustee

by Kalamalama staff


Hawai‘i Pacific University has established a new scholarship for incoming freshmen and transfer students who are actively involved in their religious communities. Beginning fall 2003, the Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Butterworth Scholarship, a 100 percent tuition-only scholarship, renewable until completion of a bachelor’s degree, will be awarded to four new students each year.

This scholarship is established to honor Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Butterworth for their dedication to higher education in Hawai‘i and for their support and

Dr. and Mrs. Frank E. Butterworth
loyalty to Hawai‘i Pacific University. A long-time HPU trustee, Butterworth retired in 1973 as the superintendent for the United Methodist Churches in Hawai‘i. Since that time, Butterworth and his wife, Irene, have dedicated their lives to raising money to fund the college education of students from the Pacific Islands.

To be eligible, applicants must be current members of any organized religion or faith in Hawai‘i or in the Pacific Islands, actively involved in his or her religious community, nominated by the leadership representing his or her religious organization, and be an accepted entering freshman at HPU with a 3.5 high school GPA or a transfer student (24 college credits) with a 3.0 GPA.

All religious faiths and/or denominations are invited to nominate one student each year who has applied and been formally accepted for admission to Hawai‘i Pacific University. For more information about this scholarship, contact the Office of Scholarships and Honors Program at 543-8029. Deadline for submission of nomination for the fall 2003 semester is Feb.15.




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