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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

In the last issue of Kalamalama I shared with you some thoughts on the wonderful and unique multi-cultural aspects of our student body and their impact on your education here at Hawai‘i Pacific University. Today I would like to share with you some thoughts on two of our degree programs that have particular relevance in the current state of international affairs.

With demanding diplomatic and military crises arising with all too frequent regularity, HPU is pleased to be offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in diplomacy and military studies that will prepare students to face the challenges of our changing world. Both of these degrees are designed to look at the international affairs through the application of diplomatic relations that include the potential for the use of military force.

In order to incorporate a variety of perspectives on the topic, the diplomacy and military studies programs draw upon a wide array of courses in various disciplines including history, humanities, literature, philosophy, and political science.

The faculty who teach in these programs include our own full time faculty, many of whom have made distinguished contributions through publications and commentaries, as well as adjunct faculty who have been or are practitioners in the area such as retired high ranking military officers and former diplomats.

The quality of these programs is reflected in the success of our graduates who have gone on to pursue even more advanced academic work and who have found employment or career enhancement in the military, the defense establishment, or the foreign service.

That quality was recognized in October by the U.S. Naval War College and the Joint Forces Staff College. Under the terms of a bi-lateral agreement, HPU is currently the only U.S. University to have all of the courses in an entire program accepted by the Naval War College. And HPU students can apply credits earned at the Staff College towards the MA in Diplomacy and Military Studies degree at HPU.

As I anxiously watch the evening news these days, I am proud to reflect on HPU’s role in preparing our students to understand and, more importantly, perhaps influence those events in the course of their careers in the years to come.

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