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Sunday Night Live at Windward campus

by Jessie Domingo, staff writer


The Academic Center on the Hawai‘i Loa campus is quiet on Sundays. HPU students can be found around the island, at the beach, in the gym, and in the library. Being at school, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon, is normally the last thing on a student’s mind. That’s why it’s so amazing that so many students—about 20 of them—show up for chapel service.

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The service, sponsored by Catholic Campus Ministries and Christian Fellowship, HPU clubs, and the University Chaplain, meets every Sunday night in front of the student lounge. The service is ecumenical, meaning that anyone from any religion is invited to attend. And it is purely an HPU event, as students from the two organizations run every aspect, from setup to break down, including the selection and order of worship activities. They even provide snacks after the service.

John Havey, a part-time communications instructor and advisor for Catholic Campus Ministries, said the services began in October 2002 and gives students of all faiths a chance to worship and socialize with each other. He feels that it is a wonderful opportunity for the students.

“We feel it serves a need, especially for those in the dorms who can’t get around,” Havey said.

Worship leader Mark (Marcos) Brackins said that because the service is on campus, it could draw people to attend. He’s seen cases where people pass by the service one week and start attending it the following week. The service draws a diverse group of attendees, including students of all ages and majors.

When asked about the drawing power of Sunday night service, junior business major Allen Baugh simply said, “I like the whole outside thing...I drive across the Pali every week just to come to service.”



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