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by Kalamalama staff

HPU students on inspection tour at the Hilton
by Karen Mirikitani, staff writer
In November, HPU Travel Industry Management got to explore a five-star hotel property right on the beach at Waikiki. More than 20 students and two TIM faculty members participated in the Hilton Hawaiian Village hotel inspection tour, an event planned so that “TIMSO can network and develop partnerships with the businesses and companies we visit,” said Kristi Hoecker, TIM Student Organization president.
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“I’m really happy we had a great turnout,” said Dr. Joseph Patoskie, associate professor of TIM and one of TIMSO’s two faculty advisors. “Hilton Hawaiian Village is one of the few Waikiki properties that affords students the opportunity to see how an integrated resort property really works.”

On site, Penny L. Barr, the hotel’s social director, led the tour. Barr first led the group into places tourists would frequent during their stay. “Here at the hotel, we try to make our guests feel welcome by providing them all the comforts of home,” she said. “The HHV has five pools, a children’s program, a spa, and lots of activities offered everyday.”

Next the group went behind the scenes to explore the hotel’s operations and special places, including the Presidental Suite, which "is reserved only for very important dignitaries or those who can afford $650 per night,” Barr said. The operations tour included the Paradise Lounge and on-site restaurants, the Golden Dragon and Bali by the Sea, as well as the convention and meeting facilities.

TIMSO ended its tour with a view of the beach-side fireworks: “It cost $650 a minute to provide fireworks every Friday night. HHV has been doing it for over 15 years,” said Barr. Students commented that they had come to a greater appreciation of the challenges and opportunities of operating an urban resort of this magnitude.  “We plan on continuing to make hotel inspections and property tours a regular part of TIMSO activities,” said Patoskie.

TIMSO works Congress
by Blanca Forero, TIM student
The 72nd annual American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) World Travel Congress was held in Honolulu in November at the Hawai‘i Convention Center. As one of the largest gatherings of travel agents in the United States every year, the ASTA World Congress was a unique opportunity for HPU TIM majors to connect with travel agents around the world and to share strategy ideas to meet travel industry challenges.

Hawai‘i’s chapter of ASTA invited HPU TIM students to participate as conference volunteer staff. Students were able to experience the operations of a convention as well as participate in educational seminars.

Opening ceremonies included performances by the Kamehameha Children’s Choir and a presentation by renowned National Geographic photographer, Dewitt Jones, who encouraged participants to welcome unexpected challenges and reach for greater heights.

Diverse conference activities included seminars, hands-on technology sessions, panel discussions, sightseeing tours, and a silent auction. Conference speakers included Captain James Lovell, commander of Apollo 13, who shared his experience of that ill-fated mission.

Some of the educational topics included: “Competitive Solutions for Today’s Challenges”; “ABC’s of Success”; and “Profiting From Creative Destruction.” The accompanying trade show featured more than 250 exhibitors.

Hungry? Need food?
by Wendy Peng, staff writer
Do you know an HPU student who is hungry? Or, do you have extra food at home that you would like to donate to those in need? Then, you might want to contact the HPU Foodbank. The HPU Foodbank offers confidential help for University students and employees in the form of free food, said Rev. Dale Burke, University chaplain.

The purpose of the Foodbank is to help students who are in financial need. Therefore, every semester, the University chaplain posts advertisements on the HPU Weekly, Kalamalama, and Campus Pipeline to inform those who need help. Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SACC), an organization of HPU athletes, also coordinates with the Foodbank to gather food and organize the food drive. Fantasy gamers, another student club, also donated food to support the program.

“Contributions are welcome as long as the food is not perishable,” Burke said. “We take food like rice, pasta, and all kinds of canned food,” said Burke.

“Students who need food, but who are not comfortable coming by the office can ask someone else to act on their behalf to fill out an application and receive the food,” he added.

So far this semester 15 students have come to the office for Foodbank applications. “The school established the Foodbank in attempt to help students solve their living problems, so anyone who has financial difficulties and cannot afford food is invited to the Foodbank.” Burke said.

If you are in need of free food, call Rev. Burke at 544-9493.



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