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O'ahu health club round-up

by Melissa McCracken, staff writer


What better time to get in shape than now. Being in shape reduces stress from traffic, finals, and working extra hours. Below is a comprehensive list of gyms around the south side of the island to help students find the best value for their money.

Since cardiovascular health is important, these martial arts: capoeira, aikido, karate, and taekwondo are also on the list.

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Many of these gyms offer personal trainers to get you on the right track. With a balance of weight training, cardio training, and team sports, you will find that you have more energy and that you will be in a better mood. Being fit also boosts the immune system to help fight the flu.

viewed, Honolulu Club earns a well-deserved five thumbs up. It has three floors of facilities including a basketball court, tennis, squash, and racquetball courts with equipment included. There is a pool, spa, whirlpool, cold dip, sauna, and steam room to give those post-workout muscles a break. They offer 95 aerobics classes a week including: step, yoga, pilates, cycles, conditioning, and kick classes. All new members get a free session with a trainer and there are no hidden costs. It is pricey, but it offers more than all the other clubs on the list.

Clark Hatch Fitness Center earns three thumbs up because it is only $60 a month and has classes (step, yoga): a pool, a heated whirlpool, a sauna, a steam room, a racquetball court with equipment included, running groups, and tennis and golf tournaments off site. They have a full gym and workout clothes if you don’t feel like packing a bag. However, they have very limited hours. They are not even open on Sundays.

Hawai‘i Athletic Club offers a full gym, but no pool, and many classes (step, step dynamic, cardio, kickboxing, yoga, street dance, body works/conditioning, abs and stretch, cycle mania, pilates, ball, and more). Monday through Saturday they are open 24 hours, which is convenient. They have personal trainers, a relaxation lounge, juice bar, and towel service so you don’t have to launder your own. Ask for the student discount and the standard package. The Hawai‘i Athletic Club earns four thumbs up.

The YMCA on Pali Highway only earns three thumbs up because they close early and there is a $50 join fee on top of the monthly dues. However, they do have many amenities. They offer a heated swimming pool, basketball and racquetball courts, personal trainers, a full gym, and classes (aerobics, martial arts, step, and yoga). You can ask for the student discount here.

The O‘ahu Club does not have a join fee but they do charge $100 a month. Their amenities include: a pool, a spa, a sauna, classes (power hour, yoga, pilates), tennis courts, and a full gym. For those interested in only swimming or only tennis, $70 memberships are available. The O‘ahu Club earns three thumbs up.

The associate on the phone at Gold’s Gym refused to reveal the cost and pushed for a tour. If a student is on a budget, no matter how good the tour is, the price is still number one. It is a very serious atmosphere for real weight- lifters, a popular site for competition lifters. They offer a full gym, classes (aerobics, yoga, win chun, turbo kickboxing, spin cycle, body pump, step, and pilates), a towel service and personal trainers for an additional fee. Ask for the student discount. Gold's Gym gets three thumbs up.

For women only, Diamond Head Therapeutic Health is a waste of money. It is full of hidden costs. Personal trainers are extra. They say you get two free sessions with a trainer upon sign up but the sign-up fee is $200. They offer classes (pilates and yoga), but they are $5 each class. They have limited hours, closing at 8 p.m. Monday - Friday, 4 p.m. on Saturday. They are not open on Sundays. Diamond Head has a jacuzzi and a full gym. They earn two thumbs up.

24 Hour Fitness on Bishop, although a very popular gym, rates low because it lacks in amenities, but not price. It is over $100 to join and still $29 - $43 a month, they pull it out of your account automatically. Personal trainers are an additional cost. They have a full gym, classes (aerobics and martial arts) and that’s it. There is a pool at the Mililani location. Ask for the military or student discount. 24 Hour Fitness gets two thumbs up.

One should be wary of a gym where you can only leave a message. Max’s Gym is for men only and open 24 hours. They have private changing rooms for a fee and a full gym. It is $39 a month plus $25 for every six months of membership. Max's Gym gets only one thumb up.




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