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HPU students give a piece of their art

by Jessie Domingo, staff writer


Art is everywhere. From the spinning of a bicycle tire to a painting of the gentle crashing of waves against the shore, art can be found in all aspects of life. Living in Hawai‘i, people are exposed to great natural beauty and, in turn, people create art inspired by that beauty.

We at HPU have an opportunity to display our artistic creativity through the annual art show. Formerly the HPU Invitational, for students only, this year’s exhibition is open to all students, faculty, and staff. It begins March 23, but the artwork is due March 7.

Click on image for larger view

The show, organized by Student Support Services, has been a tradition for the windward campus since March 1994, according to Lynne Ledward, assistant to vice president Nancy Ellis. It started as a student art show and in 1997 was opened to faculty and staff.


Dr. Jerome Feldman, professor of art history, is one of the major supporters of the HPU exhibition, feels that it is “important to have a show that features HPU.”


An important change to this year’s exhibition is the invitation to HPU alumni to submit works for the show. Ledward explained that alumni art work had always been accepted, but “This is the first year that it is being pushed to alumni through our flyer.”

Students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to submit up to 10 pieces. Works can be delivered to Ledward’s office at UB 202 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Artwork can also be delivered to Dotty Fitzgerald at the Windward Academic Center between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The deadline for all artwork submissions is March 7. Each piece will be evaluated by the Gallery Board, and the best will be displayed from March 23 to May 2. Call 544-0287 for more information.



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