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Mark Smith , editor


Two million Brits demonstrate for peace

If love is peace as St. Paul once told the Corinthians, then Britons agree. Despite a terror alert (400 armed soldiers were placed at Heathrow last week and are still there “to prevent terrorism”), more than a million English men and women (organizers claimed the crowd was two million) descended on Hyde Park the day after Valentine’s Day to chant, as many a protester’s posters stated, that there should be “No blood for oil.”


North Korea poses 'imminent danger' U.S. must start talks now - East West Center

HONOLULU (Feb. 14) — William J. Perry, the secretary of defense under the Clinton administration who led a review of U.S.-North Korea policy, said today that North Korea poses an “imminent danger” to the world because it has the capability of producing five to six nuclear bombs by summer.


Total Inofmation Awareness: An invasion of privacy

The hot issue today is Total Information Awareness. This is a global project created as a way to follow terrorist activities. However, many people are skeptical as the project is also viewed as an invasion of privacy and tends to focus more on American citizens than it does on suspected terrorists.


Not going to hell! Not self-destructing! In control!

My mother made it seem that we were preparing for a battle between good and evil. We were the good, and those baby killers were the evil (that’s what she called them).


Women's right to abortion is pro-life

Thirty years after Roe V. Wade, no one defends the right to abortion in fundamental, moral terms, which is why the pro-abortion rights forces are on the defensive.

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