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North Korea acts as if it feels left out, since each time the world’s media gives more attention to the United States’ pending war with Iraq or to the U.N.’s inspection teams, this Asian Communist nation ups the ante for world peace with more threats and more war rhetoric. Kalamalama was curious what HPU’s diverse student body felt about all this, so it buttonholed some students and asked the question: Do you think the United States should continue to pursue its military aims in Iraq, or should it shift its attention to North Korea? Why?


“Neither. It’s all about economics. Our interests are all about the oil.”

Alossandro Auerta, San Francisco, MBA.

Alossandro Auerta

“I think we should mind our own business, and not be involved in anyplace. We didn’t learn a lesson from Vietnam.”

Brian Bautista, Hawai‘i. senior, CIS

Brian Bautista

“I’m against war. I think there should be some other way to reconcile. Diversity brings adversity.”

Sonata (last name withheld by request), Lithuania, MBA.


“From what I understand, Iraq had a lot of chances to be open and straight forward. Time is up; it is not fair to everyone else who has opened up. Sometimes you need to be bold about things if it’s going to be greater in the end.”

Mark Younge, Hawai‘i, junior, visual communication

Mark Younge

“That’s a hard one. I’d say Iraq. We have always had problems with the Middle East and the whole terrorism thing. I am hesitant, though, about messing with Saddam. The only way to stop this is to interfere.”

Drew Gashi, New York, sophomore, international business major

Drew Gashi

“From the U.S. government’s point of view, the U.S. should focus more on Iraq because that holds more global power. From a personal point of view, I think it should focus more on North Korea because they pose more of a threat to where we are today.”

James Whippy, Guam, junior, engineering

James Whippy

“Iraq. Iraq is where everything is right now. Go for the bigger person.”

Shirley Faaola, America Samoa, sophomore, accounting major

Shirley Faaola

“Neither. The U.S. administration should try to focus on the economy instead.”

Harpal Sandhu, Malaysia senior, international business

Harpal Sandhu

“I think they should find a way for peace instead of going to war. Find another resolution. Try to negotiate. If Iraq makes the first move, then go to war, but why does the U.S. have to make the first move?”

Peter Ho, Malaysia, senior, TIM

Peter Ho

“I don’t think the U.S. should go to war, so where they send their troops isn’t important to me cause I don’t think war is a resolution.”

Ursula Hultqvist, Sweden, MBA marketing

Ursula Hultqvist
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