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Unify the World - Intercultural Day '03

by Kawailehua Kahumoku, assocStudent Life editor


The best day on campus, Intercultural Day, April 17, brought togehter a large crowd of students, faculty, and locals.

“We had a lot of rain, …[yet] students stayed throughout the day and gave a lot of support,” said Jenni Matheson general chairperson for Intercultural Day.

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The day started off with exhibits bringing the world together on Fort Street Mall. Africa and Japan set up next to each other and taught one another Kanji and traditional African dress. Across the way Samoa entertained Voyager Charter elementary students with songs and a slap dance, telling them that it originated from slapping mosquitoes away.


A few feet away were the aromas of Thailand. The tastes of Thai food and sounds of Thailand filled the air. Students from Thailand sold artifacts from home, played music, displayed the beauty of their land, and danced away with the award for Best Exhibit.

Not far away, you could visit Korea and see photos of old Korean life. Or, as you view the scenery of Norway, you could hear the beat of modern Taiwanese music. And for the first time, India and Hawai‘i became neighbors.

The exhibits were up all day, but the events started at about 11 in the morning. with a colorful parade that wound its way through downtown. According to Matheson, it was an energetic event and many community members came out to show their support. Voyager Charter School even had pompoms to help cheer everyone on. Students from Japan sang and danced in traditional robes, taking home the award for Best Parade Participation.

However, the real fun didn’t start until about one in the afternoon when President Wright and Vice President Ellis welcomed all to HPU and the International Chorale and Vocal Ensemble kicked off performances. Japan told a story of fishermen through dance, Thailand did a medley of dances that welcomed us to Thailand. French Polynesia graced the stage with their Tahitian beauty and had the crowds full attention with a murmur or two of “I love my school.” Taiwan displayed an ancient Buddhist dance while Hawai’i performed one of the first dances ever choreographed in Hawaiian history.

Voyager Charter elementary students performed a song in sign language along with the Intercultural Day committee. Africa invited us all to dance our hearts away with them on stage, and Korea performed a melody on drums. Samoa, whose students never fail to make the crowd laugh and watch in awe, performed energetically enough to once again win the award for Best Performance. Samoa also walked away with Best Overall Club, which is awarded to the club who performed the best in exhibits, parade, and stage performances.

According to Matheson, the performances “brought something to the University that can’t really be experienced without a day like this. The school and the public really benefit from it.”

Between performances trivia games and a scavenger hunt were played, andthe audience could win HPU gear. The English Language Program held a bake sale throughout the day with proceeds going to UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children Emergency Fund.

For communication graduate student Rich Broadwell the best part of the day was “seeing all of the different cultures come together for one day of unity, the university’s best day of the year, representing all of HPU.”

As the rain washed out the crowd, Matheson said, “Everything went very well, a lot of the countries came and gave a lot of their enthusiasm and showed a lot of their culture; I think overall it was an excellent day.”





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