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City heightens security at Shell

by Kalamalama staff


HPU has been informed by the City and County of Honolulu that higher national threat levels will affect security procedures at University events held in public venues such as the Blaisdell Center and the Waikiki Shell. Some of the security upgrades may affect students, especially graduates and their friends and families attending graduation, according to Barbara Benson, director of Special Programs at HPU.

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The most important things students need to remember for May graduation, Benson said, are proper identification and small purses or bags, or, better yet, no bags.

According to the City and County directive, “All purses, packages, boxes, backpacks, diaper bags, or other containers, larger than eight inches by four inches by two inches will only be admitted if the individual carrying it will open it for inspection.”

Providing a little more detail, John Fuhrmann. events and services manager for the Shell, said: “Small clutch purses and other small private items such as fanny packs, small knapsacks, and diaper bags (with accompanying baby) may be exempted.”

The suggestion to leave bags at home actually came from a memo Fuhrmann sent the university.

“Patrons attending public events at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center and the Waikiki Shell are asked to refrain from bringing backpacks, brief cases, hand bags or other personal carrying containers larger than clutch purses or fanny packs to events at either location.

“All backpacks, brief cases, large handbags, diaper bags, tote bags, coolers or carrying containers will be subject to search as a condition of entry. Individuals without large hand-carried items will not be required to undergo entry inspection and may use separate designated speed lines for entry.”

Fhurmann added that at Waikiki Shell events, coolers larger than 18 inches in length are not permitted, and only backrests are allowed for the lawn seating area. He added that a higher alert status might also mean mean that students would not be admitted without proper ID.

As at all events, any individual possessing any contraband or illegal items, or unlicensed weapons, on their persons or in packages, will be detained for action by on duty police officers, Fuhrmann added.


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