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Morning's at Seven Review

by Kawailehua Kahumoku, assoc. Student Life editor


HPU’s new play, Morning’s at Seven, written by Paul Osborn, is showing now at HPU’s Hawai‘i Loa campus. Directed by Joyce Maltby, it’s a sure recipe for laughs.

Take four maturing sisters: Cora (Jo Purden), shy Ida (Sharon Adair), nosy and lonely Arry (Syliva Hormann-Alper), and cute Esty (Mary Francis Kabel-Gwin)

Add three husbands: carefree Thor (David Schaeffer) who is married to Cora, panicky Carl (John Mussack) Ida’s husband, and “educated” David (John Hunt) who is married to the eldest of the sisters, Esty.

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Then add Ida and Carl’s 40-year old single son Homer (David Starr) and his bubbly fiancée of 12 years Myrtle (Becky Maltby) and what do you get?


Laugh after laugh.


The time is 1938 in a traditional American town in the backyards of Cora and Ida’s homes. Homer brings Myrtle to meet his family for the first time and an overnight visit turns chaotic.


Carl goes into one of his many “where-am-I” spells, while Ida falls apart. Cora begins secret plans for her and Thor to get away from Arry after she has lived in their home with them for about 50 years. Thor has no clue and could care less, while Arry is determined to find out Cora’s plans. David sets up new rules for Esty since she disobeys his wishes by visiting her “moron” family. And all the while Homer is still indecisive about marrying Myrtle after a 12-year engagement. Secrets fly and a dramatic ending surprises all.

A large cast of excellent veteran actors from HPU and Hawai‘i theaters all bring their characters to life in such a delightful, amusing way that they follow you home, adding spice to an already amusing well-written play.

Don’t forget lighting (Cathie Anderson) and sound effects (Jason Taglianetti), along with a set design (Karen Archibald) that can transpost you to a backyard in 1938 and make you feel at home.

With a talented crew, the recipe is complete. Morning’s at Seven has been one of the most nominated plays on Broadway with nine Tony award nominations including Best Play Revival. Shows run through May 11 and are sure to amuse all ages. For more information or to reserve tickets call 375-1282.



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