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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke

The end is near! No, not the world. The school year!

We teeter on the brink of completion. The “light at the end of the tunnel” is staring us right in the face. Finals are here, the chance to show off our great talent and vast knowledge. It is worth it! The effort we put forth throughout the semester will open many doors. The future stands ready to be grasped. Way to go!

Congratulations to all of you who advance another year, but especially congratulations, graduates! This is one more milestone to celebrate. I applaud your accomplishments and envy the opportunities that will come your way. Our fractured world awaits your contribution. It greatly needs the global perspectives you will bring to solving the problems of the postwar era.

Take with you the aloha of the islands and the HPU community and may these always be part of the foundation on which you build the rest of your lives. My prayer is that you hold on to the dream you have for your future, and thus anchored, you always find the direction to take.

Being anchored to the future allows one to overcome any obstacle. The Lord stands ready to lighten the path. You can trust his guidance every day.

As I moved around the campus and talked to people in the community this past semester, I continued to be amazed and inspired by how many of our HPU students were involved in helping others and seeking to make a difference. In the midst of very busy schedules, I know many of you worked with such organizations as Special Olympics, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, the Institute for Human Services, and local churches. You helped coach youth athletic teams and worked on projects to cleanup our environment, to name a few.

Thank you for your contributions to the HPU Foodbank. Many say our culture has outgrown an attitude of concern for others in favor of the me-first lifestyle. Hearing all the stories emerging from our own campus tells me that is not true. This is what gives breadth and depth to our education. Keep it up! No one can take it from you!

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