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Poems by HPU's Creative Writing Club

This Isnít About You ††††††††

by Karina Umehara

Iíve word searched my mind

To verbally Encapsulate you

Make-up remove you

From your high-horse.

Iíll put an end to

The tendencies

Those knee-jerk

Second looks

From those who donít know you Iím going to expose you

By doing you a favor

Let me save you from yourself

Iíll get thee to the nunnery

Where youíll repent for

The rampant vanity

The feigned sensitivity

Youíve become nostalgic

For attention For your signature presence

That contrived nonchalance

Except now no one cares

With no one left to define you

Your self-doubt is deafening

Your persistent glamour, laughable

The smoke cleared a long time ago

Still only your mirrors reflect

At best you were a momentary distraction

A strutting contradiction


Listen †††††††

by Collette Kuntz

You sleazy, slimy, shallow

Hole of a self-centered, sex-dominated,

Writhing, stupidity dripped,

Convinced of you own perfectness.

Constantly breeding, bleeding, blending,

Into, through, hearts, souls, spreading,

Burning into normalcy.

Grabbing, touching, heat seeking, missle guised in love.

Tearing holes through sincerity.

Commercializing that which you think I want, need, canít wait for someone to Jump on top and seize.

Sex is a part of life,

Of our sexually driven, angst ridden,

Society pummeling itself down our throats, through our minds,

Piercing souls.

Wonderfully genius producing,

But dangerous around the edges.

LISTEN What you see as thoughts in my head may be yours alone in my stead.


*All Submissions should be sent to the president of the Creative Writing Club at HPU, Dan Manzanares, at



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