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Helping students survive the 'Information Jungle'

Special to Kalamalama by Robin Kenny


Hundreds of eager HPU students stopped by the library display table on upper Fort Street Mall during National Library Week, April 7 through 11, and tried their luck at answering Survival Trivia questions. Jungle clad librarians and staff invited everyone to spin a wheel for tasty snacks, free books, and a chance to win other daily prizes and a grand prize at the end of the week.

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The event gave students a chance to meet HPU librarians in an informal setting and to find out about resources in HPU’s two libraries. Long lines formed at the library display in front of the Computer Center during class breaks. Students were tested on their knowledge with questions ranging from “How long can you borrow a book from HPU Libraries?” [Answer: 4 weeks] to “How do you minimize discomfort from thirst in the wilderness?” [Answer: suck on a pebble].


Winners of the daily drawing for Library Week Survival Kits included Rap Craig (staff) and students Monica Ames, Jessica Quichocho, and Danielle Yadisernia. The Grand Prize, a $50 gift certificate from the HPU Bookstore, was won by Emeline Sangiamvongse (staff). In total more than 1,100 entry forms for the trivia game were turned in at the Mall and Atherton and Meader libraries. The survival kits contained useful school supplies, snacks, and other items designed to help students “survive” college life.


“It was a lot of fun, and a great time for students to get to know their libraries,” observed Wayde Oshiro, HPU’s National Library Week chairman.



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