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Unify the world - Intercultural Day '03

by Kawailehua Kahumoku, assoc. Student life editor


After a year of grueling community service and fund raising, Associated Students of Hawai‘i Pacific University went to Atlanta, Ga. on April 12 for a three-day National Leadership Conference.

The conference is designed particularly for students, to help them fill leadership roles in student government; however, there are also programs for advisors and administrators.

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ASHPU has been fund raising to attend the conference since last year. The council met its goal through car washes, TGIF events, and various community activities.

Sixteen people were lucky enough to be able to go, along with Heather Hubbard, director of Student Life: Anastasia Finnegan, Chris Costa, Chris Rosado, Colleen Hyde, Collette Kuntz, Danielle Yadisernia, Erik Hansen, Fred Akpaka, Katherine Culliver, Kelly Collins, Mary Thongvanh, Norberto Lacap, Selena Mellow, Steve Jower, Virginia Hocutt, and Wen Tai Ye.

According to Hubbard, the students who were able to attend did so on the basis that they worked the hardest to be there. “These students really deserved to go,” she said. “They worked so hard, and I’m really proud of them.”

At the conference ASHPU represented HPU to students from about 300 universities, all of whom share their schools in leadership capacities. HPU’s delegation hopes to gain insight from other universities to improve their own leadership skills.

“We’re very excited and thankful to the University for allowing us to do this,” said Hubbard as she was leaving for the conference.




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