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To celebrate the end of the 2003-2003 school year, Kalamalama has dedicated a portion of its final issue to reviewing some of the highlights of the year. In addition to the photo spreads, we thought we would ask some of you, our readers, about your favorite event. What was the highlight of your academic year?

“My highlight was when I met my fiancée.”

-Robert Jansson, senior marketing major from Sweden.

“Spring break on Kauai. I went with a couple of friends, and we hiked the Na Pali coast. It was so relaxing and so nice, so different from Waikiki.”

-Alex Boog, graduate economics student from Germany.

“Graduation in May is going to be the highlight.”

- Lia Degeby, senior human resource development major from Sweden.

“My highlight was starting the MBA program.”

-Mike Dewitt, MBA student from Ohio.

“My best time was when I arrived here seven months ago, and one of my friends taught me how to surf.”

-Ennanuel Fonck, freshman TIM major from France.

“The highlight for me was definitely the wide range of people I was exposed to and the ways different cultures cope with the same situation.”

-Skyler Johnson, sophomore engineering major from Illinois.

“The highlight of my year was getting my new job. I’m a photographer on Waikiki beach.”

-Nico Pena, junior communication major from Peru.

“For me it was the Scandinavian Christmas Party. I went with some of my Swedish friends. This was my first time going, and I was surprised Christmas was earlier.”

-Candy Sin, graduate student in communication from Hong Kong.

“The Halloween party in Waikiki was cool. I went to the W dressed as an angel.”

-Nathalie Renkin, graduate student in communication from Belgium.

“I got a job at Citibank.”

-Alan Sangpan, junior international business major from Chicago.

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