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Intersnships: Summer fun, career possibilities

by Jessie Domingo, staff writer

What are you doing this summer? The choices are many: take a trip, go to the beach, relax. One possibility for HPU students is a summer internship through the Career Services Center or a practicum through one of the academic disciplines such as Communication, psychology or social work. or the .

Through internships, students have the opportunity to explore the work force and gain experience in their field of interest.

“[An internship] gives you that extra something that classes can’t….It’s a better way to learn,”said senior speech major Sam Pablo, who is interning at Tihati Productions.

Richard Catungal, a senior speech communication and advertising major, said that he was able to work with an experienced team of broadcasters during his internship at Hawai‘i Public Radio. “I was able to write original news stories and was trained to write in the radio style,” said Catungal.

Dr. Helen Varner, dean of the College of Communication, said that internships are almost required for entry into competitive fields such as advertising, public relations, graphic design, or broadcasting. “Students get hands-on experience, develop a professional network, earn a dynamite letter of recommendation, and build a terrific portfolio.” Varner also said that internships are a way for students to give their chosen career a “test run” and see if they want to go into that field.

How do you find an internship? There are numerous sources available online, but the most convenient for HPU students is the Career Services Center or the academic division offices. The College of Communication, for example, has a binder of more than 70 possible practicum sites available through participating business and organizational partners with HPU.

A student would apply and send in a resume, much like they would do for a real job. Once accepted, the student must register for the practicum class in order to receive credit hours for the internship.

“The Communication Practicum class gives you the opportunity to hear what others are working on. You can relate to everyone because you’re all in the same boat. Plus it’s fun to hear what everyone else is doing,” said Pablo.

Call the Career Services Center at 544-0230.



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