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Crazy for caffeine?

by Jaclynn Fasken, business manager


Love lattes? Crazy about cappuccinos? Mad for mochas? Or perhaps eager for an espresso? The area around the HPU downtown campus offers many places for students to indulge their caffeine craving.

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Java Kai, which opened in June on the ground floor of the UB building, 1164 Bishop St., is the newest addition. It offers a unique twist to the regular latte with a wide variety of specialty drinks such as the “Shark Bite”: a rich, creamy blend of espresso, half and half, and raspberry syrup, topped with whip cream. The “tsunami” size (large) comes with an extra fourth shot of espresso, a sure way for anyone to add a much needed jolt to his or her day. Also on the menu are lattes, chai’s, mochas made from a secret recipe, smoothies, blended coffee drinks, Hawaiian drip coffee, and fresh baked goods delivered daily from a local bakery.

Java Kai offers a 15-percent student discount and a frequent buyer card that allows the customer to receive a free coffee after purchasing ten. Jeff Mills, owner of Java Kai, referring to the card, said he was “excited for the students. Not only because it will be good for business but also because it will create a great atmosphere. A good coffee house has people hanging out.”
Java Kai has inside and outside seating and plans to add Internet wireless connection for its customers.

Students pressed for time who need to grab something quick, should try the Bon Bon Café, located in the entrance of the Blaisdell Hotel, 1154 Fort St. On the way to the Sea Warrior Center, the bookstore, or even Kalamalama, Bon Bon has many items to choose from—lattes, mochas, chai’s, or a fast cup of plain old java, as well as a variety of snacks and bottled drinks—and they are always served with a friendly smile. And its four tables on the Mall offer students a chance to sit down, mingle with old friends, or perhaps meet new ones.
Bon Bon café offers no student discount but prices are reasonable.

Of course, no article on coffee can omit the green goddess, Starbucks, at 1000 Bishop St. For those not familiar with Starbucks—where have you been living?—beverages include lattes, chais, mochas, frapocchinos (an iced blended coffee drink), espresso, drip coffee, juices, and teas. A variety of pastries and sweets are sold and seating is available inside or out.

Starbucks offers no student discounts and no frequent buyer cards, and its prices keep rising, but its consistently good coffee keeps people going back for more.

With so many places to choose from around the HPU campus, students have many opportunities for good company, good food, and a good cup of Joe.



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