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New IDs "smartcard"

by Jaclynn Fasken


Change is often hard, and just as often good. “Good” seems to be the word for the new “smart ” ID cards that will be required of all HPU students, faculty, and staff, beginning with the 2003-04 school year.

Aug. 18 through Sept. 19, HPU will be issuing the mandatory new student “Unicard” IDs at locations on both campuses. Downtown: the Sea Warrior Center, located in the ground floor of the Blaisdell Hotel, 1154 Fort Street Mall; at the windward Hawai‘i Loa campus: Atherton Library, third floor of the Cooke Academic Center.

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After Sept. 19 the new IDs will be processed at Meader Library, 1060 Bishop St. and the Atherton Library on the Hawai‘i Loa Campus.


Justin Itoh, associate vice president and chief information officer for Information Technology Services said “the old cards were no longer a reflection of HPU.”
What’s unique about the new ID cards is their smart card technology. Instead of the familiar magnetic strip, the Unicard has a complete computer chip inside that allows it to store enormous amounts of information.
Itoh believes that “HPU is the one if the few schools in the state using smart card technology.”
Recurring complaints about the old laminated ID cards not fitting into student’s wallets will be a thing of the past. The new Unicard IDs are standard credit card size.
Student concerns about school ID cards using a student’s social security number as an ID number have also been answered. Unicard will use new computer-generated student numbers.
The Unicard will also be used as a “Print Express” for printing pages in the computer lab. This will save students the $5 fee now charged for the Print Express card.The new ID card, is required to access services of the University libraries (Atherton Library and Meader Library), the Computer Center, the Learning Assistance Center, the Educational Technology Center, and the Tutoring Centers.
The new card acts as a library card and an access control key for the Computer Center. It is required for all activities such as voting in student elections and accessing student services.
It also entitles full-time students to free or reduced-rate entrance to athletic events and ASHPU functions.
Itoh said, “eventually the Unicard may be a meal card or be incorporated into TheBus system. There’s no limit with the smart card.” For more info call Student Life, 544-0277.


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