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Frear Center allows innovative classroom teaching

by Kalamalama staff


When the students in a computer science and information systems course did a case study on a successful small-time Kansas farmer, they were able to hear first-hand from the farmer himself how he used technology to stay ahead of his competitors. This was made possible through Internet technologies in the classroom.

The availability at HPU of high-technology instructional classrooms increased with the opening of the Frear Center, a state-of-the-art teaching and learning lab for information technology and communication studies.

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According to Dr. Gordon Jones, CSIS professor, the 12,500-square-foot facility includes classrooms and laboratories that allow professors to interact with students from the main instructor console. Instructors can take control of the individual machines to give students help with complex problems or show the innovative work of one group of students to the others.


The system also allows students to access programs from outside the classroom 24 hours a day and has secure access protections and privacy locks.

“Our academic programs give students a very comprehensive education that’s on the leading edge of today’s technology,” said Jones. “Our students are leaders in their industries, so we need to provide them with a professional environment,” said Jones.
Alfred Zimermann, assistant professor of CSIS, agreed: “Rather than teaching theoretical terms about metrics, students will be using their own algorithms and processes to measure accuracy and performance, at a system level,” he said.
“What we’re doing here is updating the way in which modern programs are taught,” said Jones. “The Frear Center will make the most powerful use of information technology for advanced learning, which is important for people who want to be decision-makers and problem-solvers in the coming years.”


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