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Dream Encyclopedia opens

by Mohammed Faisal, staff writer


The HPU art gallery opened its fall season Aug. 4 with The Dream Encyclopedia, a joint exhibition of new works in clay and on paper by Rochelle Lum, Jo Rowley and Maile Yawata.

The three artists use animals and the human figure in Transformative ways to create personal narratives and symbolic effects. Through their work, they reflect on life and death with humor, passion, and the psychically skewed eye of the dreamer.

“Some of the art work is mind bending, and it pushes you into deeper consciousness,” said Rishi Handa, senior advertising major from India. “I am fascinated by psychic art work,” Handa added, “and this has shown me how creative one can get.”

Click on image for larger view

Handa was one of the many people at the opening reception who were fascinated by the group’s work.


Yawata, who was the main organizer of The Dream Encyclopedia exhibition, spent more than a year planning the show. It’s all about “putting form to chaos,” explained Yawata. “Element, time, space and material—put it all together and you have the dream encyclopedia.”


Rowley, who was also at the opening, expressed similar thoughts: “We tended to work very figuratively. It’s wide open and very interpretive.”
Yawata advised HPU artists to let their artwork reflect their own identity and have fun while doing it. “You can get an idea of freedom and real luxury out of your work,” she said.
The exhibitions runs through Sept. 26. The gallery, in the lobby of the Academic Center, is open to public Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.


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