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Vanessa Katz, A&E editor


HPU advertising club wins District 13

“The results this year were the closest ever, the second place team separated by only three tenths of a point, and the winner of this year’s National Student Advertising Competition is…”


Ad students market Florida in 2003-04

More than 6,800 of the nation’s brightest college and university advertising students are set to create exciting and innovative new marketing concepts promoting Florida as the world’s most desirable visitor destination.


Do you have PAL appeal?

Are you a friendly native English speaker or international student who has been here a while? Are you studying TESL? Are you majoring in some other kind of international studies programs? Are you interested in other cultures?


Bookstore Online

If you want to avoid long lines when purchasing your textbooks this term, take advantage of Hawaii Pacific University Bookstore’s newest location—your personal computer! Students, alumni, and parents can enjoy the convenience of Internet shopping by visiting HPU Bookstore’s online location:

Worried about getting behind in a class? Frustrated because you don’t understand your teachers or your homework assignments? Writing a paper, and not sure about grammar, organization, or style? Have a math problem you can’t solve?  

HPU alum opens fitness studio in Kailua

After graduating in winter 2002, Sisi Maw Takaki used the skills she learned in HPU’s MBA program to start her own business, the Three Paths Holistic Fitness Studio in Kailua. Open only three months, Three Paths has already attracts interest and participants from all over O‘ahu.


Club advisors: HPU's unsung heroes

Not only is Marianne Luken a communication instructor here at HPU, she is also the unofficial spokesperson, cheerleader, and faculty advisor of the academic club Polyglot Toastmasters at HPU.


What to do if you're new to HPU

Compiled by the spring 2001 Cross-Cultural Psychology class and forwarded by Dr. Mary Sheridan


Club Carnival's fall line up grows

The first club carnival of the 2003-2004 school year, scheduled Sept. 12, will have one of HPU’s largest lineups of available clubs and organizations for students, according to Heather Hubbard, director of Student Life.


Students: be proactive about safety

Paradise. This is a word often used to describe Hawai’i, and with all the fun in the sun on the warm sandy beaches, it’s easy for residents to let down their guard and feel at ease. It is especially easy for students in Hawai’i to be caught up in the excitement of school activities or the rush between classes, and so to ignore signals of danger in the environment. At such times, people are vulnerable.


Advice for new international students - from one who has been there, done it

When we make one of the biggest decisions in our lives, to leave our hometown to pursue our college education, we are almost ready for a new beginning.



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