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Ad students market Florida in 2003-04

by Vanessa Katz, A&E editor

More than 6,800 of the nation’s brightest college and university advertising students are set to create exciting and innovative new marketing concepts promoting Florida as the world’s most desirable visitor destination.


VISIT FLORIDA, the state’s official tourism marketing corporation, will be the sponsor of the American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) 2004. The announcement came during the AAF National Conference 2003 at the Century Plaza Hotel & Spa in Los Angeles.
Each year, the NSAC selects a corporate sponsor which submits a case study to the AAF’s 210 college and university chapters nationwide. Students in those chapters then devise comprehensive advertising campaigns for the sponsor, and all chapters compete regionally, with the winning teams participating in the final competition at the following year’s AAF National Conference.
“This is both a great honor for Florida and a unique opportunity for our state to gain fresh insights and approaches to marketing itself as a desirable visitor destination,” said Gov. Jeb Bush who also chairs the Florida Commission on Tourism, under which VISIT FLORIDA operates. “We are delighted that Florida’s case study has been selected for the upcoming academic year and eagerly await the results of the competition.”
“We’re excited that so many talented and creative minds will be devoted to helping us reach potential travelers with the Florida message,” said Bud Nocera, VISIT FLORIDA president and CEO. “Many of the companies and organizations that have sponsored this program in the past have incorporated the student concepts into their marketing strategies with great success. We certainly intend to do that as well.”
Wallace Snyder, president and CEO, AAF added: “Most of our past case studies have involved campaigns for products or services, but this is perhaps the first time we’ll be creating strategies to promote an experience, which is what a Florida vacation really is.”

So...Experience Florida by joining an award-winning advertising team right on campus. E-mail AAA president Vanessa Katz at



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