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HPU alum opens fitness studio in Kailua

by Kalamalama Staff

After graduating in winter 2002, Sisi Maw Takaki used the skills she learned in HPU’s MBA program to start her own business, the Three Paths Holistic Fitness Studio in Kailua. Open only three months, Three Paths has already attracts interest and participants from all over O‘ahu.


The name Takaki chose for her business sums up its focus and mission: “I wanted a place that did dance, yoga, pilates, and strength conditioning for a reasonable price in a spa-like atmosphere.” Three Paths offers three paths—mind, body, and spirit—to fitness. This holistic approach includes aromatic teas and refreshments as part of the experience. Plush sofas and comfortable pillows are a part of the ambiance, and so is the lavender scent that floats in the air. “We also offer massage,” Takaki added. “I’ve always seen yoga and other exercises as a way to pamper myself. I feel refreshed and content afterwards.”
Takaki is originally from New York City and is a holistic fitness enthusiast, “When you do yoga, pilates, dance, etc., you feel connected to your mind, body, and spirit. The Three Paths make you balanced.”
The exercises offered at Three Paths also release stress and tension and have therapeutic qualities that promote weight loss, muscle strengthening, and mental clarity.
To enhance the exercises offered at the studio, Takaki also offers a natural line of products and Lululemon athletica, a line of exercise clothing in several styles all of which feature a dry-weave material that dries as one sweats. The clothes are made in Canada in styles and colors that are attractive and contemporary and that have been popular among athletic people.
As part of the celebration of her opening, Takaki is offering four-months free membership to all HPU students who sign up with a friend. “I want all HPU students to experience Three Paths and make time within their schedules to take care of their health,” Takaki said.
Three Paths is located at the Kailua Beach Center at 130 Kailua Road, Suite 107. Call 26-3PATH for more information or e-mail


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