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Chaplain's Corner
with Reverend Dale Burke

The Bible tells an interesting story about the difference between a wise man and a foolish man. One man found a nice spot for his house on a sandy beach with beautiful sunsets. The other man built his house above the sand on firmer ground but the view wasn’t as good. After a while, the rains came down, the waves came up, and the house on the sand went splat.

It’s left to us to decide who was foolish and who was wise, and to ponder the foundation of our own lives. What is the “cement” holds us together as we face adversity, deal with difficult situations, and handle all the responsibilities of being a university student?
Athletes know that a strong foundation in conditioning and preparation equals success on the playing field. Good students know that a strong foundation in reading and writing skills equals success in the classroom. Short cuts don’t work.
Could we be building a “house” that looks terrific on the outside but is flawed and impractical inside? We’re doing just that with our life if we leave out of our foundation a relationship with our Creator, who is the master builder.
One way to keep your foundation strong is regular worship at your synagogue, church, temple, or mosque. All local houses of worship are eager to welcome you to their services, and you are all invited to our weekly nondenominational chapel services, Wednesdays at noon in Warmer Auditorium, and Sundays at 7:30 p.m. at the Hawai‘i Loa Campus.
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