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President's Hosts nominations open

by Loren Moreno, staff writer

University President Chatt G. Wright’s exclusive President’s Hosts program is gearing up for another round of nominations for University ambassadors. The nomination process will begin Sep. 29.

Each semester, University faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate outstanding students who demonstrate the spirit of HPU. Each staff member is limited to two nominations.



Following the Oct. 10 nomination deadline, the Office of Student Life, headed by Heather Hubbard, the director of Student Life, will review nominations and interview nominees. Hubbard will recommend qualified nominees to President Wright, who will then make the final selection.


Newly selected President’s Hosts along with their nominators are invited to a reception at Waialae Country Club on Oct. 28. President Wright will induct new hosts into the program. New and old hosts will also have an opportunity to socialize among HPU faculty and staff.
“HPU has many bright individuals who should be recognized and honored,” said Hubbard. By simply being nominated for the program, Hubbard said, students are receiving the ultimate of compliments from their professors.
“The instructors believe in these students highly,” said Hubbard about the President’s Hosts.
In addition to fall and spring receptions, President’s Hosts can be asked to represent HPU at functions here and abroad. There are more than 600 President’s Hosts worldwide, all of whom continue to receive communication from and invitations to represent HPU.
Recently, hosts have attended the opening of the Frear Center and were counselors at Student Orientation.
“It’s rewarding when I can answer questions from other students. I feel like I am a true representative of the University,” said President’s Host Thomas Locklayer, a senior majoring in advertising.
Nominees must be a student in good academic standing and at least a sophomore. Graduate students as well as students attending satellite campuses may also be nominated. President’s Hosts are called upon to attend a variety of functions and therefore should be comfortable in formal settings.
Also among the official qualifications, students must be articulate and socially comfortable. Nominees must also be active members of the student body and speak highly of HPU.
Hubbard said that the program continues to grow. In the future, President’s Hosts will be asked to participate in a mentoring program.


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