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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

As we begin the fall term, with students joining us from all over the world, it is appropriate to remind ourselves of our mission of education for global citizenship and the international programs and activities that HPU offers in support of that mission.

The College of International Studies has grown since 1998 to become an important academic home for majors in anthropology, international studies, international relations, and teaching English as a second language.
In addition, the International Center at HPU, under the direction of Dean Mary Hammond, supports education for global citizenship through international relationships and programs. Examples include study abroad semester agreements and articulation agreements easing the transfer process for students from foreign universities to HPU. This page and the next review some of visits by international dignitaries and policy experts hosted by HPU over the summer.
A special symposium on the meaning of global citizenship will be held Nov. 8. Students will be able to reflect on what global citizenship means to them and how it is experienced here. The Chair of the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, Caroline Matano Yang, will be the keynote speaker.
HPU involvement in the Fulbright Program and faculty members who have been awarded Fulbright scholarships are other significant aspects of HPU’s involvement in global citizenship and add to the international dimension of HPU. We welcome Dr. Vesna Godina from Slovenia who is our current Fulbright Scholar in the College of International Studies. Dr. Jeanne Rellahan, dean of International Studies, serves as chair of the Regional Fulbright Teachers and Administrators Exchange Program. Dr. Carlos Juárez, associate professor of political science, was recently elected President of the Hawai‘i chapter of the National Fulbright Association. Through such involvement, HPU provides significant support for the activities of the Fulbright Programs in Hawai‘i.
In closing, I urge you, as students, to be open to opportunities to learn from and become friends with your classmates from around the world. I also invite you to explore the meaning of global citizenship, particularly through participation in the Symposium on Global Citizenship at the Hawai‘i Loa campus Nov. 8.
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