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Campus Pipeline upgraded

by Kyle Galdiera, staff writer

On the first day of school some students noticed changes to the HPU Pipeline Website. The weekend before school began, the system went through a renovation process involving more than 30 employees under the supervision of Associate Vice President of Information Technology Services Justin Itoh. The new design, based on input from all areas of the university, is intended to make the site easier to use.

“ A complaint we had was that it was hard to navigate through the system,” said ITS support specialist Jean Harr. “Now, with the new tab system, it takes only a couple of clicks for students to get their class schedules and for teachers to get their class lists.”

A new feature of the system is the capability users now have to personalize the Website by clicking on “my tab.” Faculty and students can remove irrelevant information as well as receive announcements from the school and its organizations.

As before, Pipeline continues to provide students with access to e-mail accounts, the school bookstore, libraries, and student life.

“ I registered for all of my classes online,” said nursing student Brian Barlag. “And I think next semester I’ll buy my books and have them sent to my house.”

Barlag added: “The last time I was in college was 12 years ago, and you had to stand in line and do paperwork in order to register, so compared to then, this (system) is a real pleasure.”
The new HPU Pipeline incorporates more links that connect users to information on other Web pages such as the HPU home page as well as “e-ads,” classified advertisements for everything from cars to apartments for rent.

The use of links has resulted in less clutter on the Web pages, thus making HPU Pipeline more user friendly, said Harr.

“ It’s like one-stop shopping,” she added. “Whatever you want to know—it’s there.”
The HPU Pipeline is located at


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