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College Survival Skills course helps students

by Yvonne Lozano, staff writer

The transition from high school to college can be difficult. The new atmosphere, unfamiliar faces, and a new found freedom can all leave a student feeling overwhelmed. Luckily for students at HPU, the Academic Advising Center has organized a series of seminars to help students ease into college life.


Brad Provines, coordinator of College Survival Skills, explained that the seminars are “designed to help students maximize their academic potential and help them adjust to the college lifestyle.” The five seminars run throughout September and October and range from learning to cook in minimal time to learning how to relax.

These College Survival Skills seminars are not only for freshman. Students of all classes are encouraged to attend. “The courses try to give information that’s practical and that the students can use later in life,” Provines said. The “Creative Study” seminar is aimed for those students who have trouble maintaining school and work, as well as their personal lives. It is intended to help students develop a successful schedule and manage their time.

Students who find it difficult to relax and find the pressures of college courses and homework upsetting, can attend the “Stress Management” seminar. This workshop teaches students techniques they can use in stressful situations such as before a test or the night before a presentation. Provines noted that the “Stress Management” seminar is held around midterm time, and it is to the student’s advantage to attend. All are held in UB 211.

At the end of every seminar, evaluation forms will be handed out for suggestions on future topics such as, “Personal Self- Defense,” a topic being considered for the spring semester.

HPU advisors will be conducting the one-hour seminars, Provines said. He added that it is a great way to meet the advisors as well as make friends, both domestic and international.

If students cannot attend a particular seminar, they can always pick up a packet of written information at the Advising Center. Everyone is welcome, and some instructors even give extra credit points for students who attend.

There will even be free refreshments.



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