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Festival celebrates short film

by Meilinda Soerjoko

The ‘Ohina Short Film Showcase was created to support a variety of local independent filmmakers and provide them with an opportunity to exhibit their films to the local community. The Hawaiian word ‘Ohina means “the gathering” or “coming together.” Thus, the name is appropriate to a film venue established to bring together independent filmmakers and provide a testing ground for young filmmakers.


The ‘Ohina Showcase provides an opportunity for filmmakers to submit their work for evaluation, and to present to a wider audience those short films and videos accepted. Young filmmakers gain experience and exposure as do local production crews and talent.

’ Ohina premiered at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Theatre in August of 1999, and the local community and experts in the industry of television and film viewed and enjoyed a variety of alternative filmmaking that ranged from comedy to science fiction. ‘Ohina delighted audiences then and in the past four years, flourishing as it presented, each year, a whole new lineup of memorable shortfilm. This year’s ‘Ohina Showcase will be held at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Theatre Oct. 17 and 18 with one showing at 6.30 p.m. Friday evening and three on Saturday afternoon, 12.30, 3.30, and 6.30. Screenings are free at the Doris Duke Theatre. For more information, call the ‘Ohina Hotline at 951-4413 or visit




• “Bummer” - Directed by Scott Kikuta/Ryan Duncan: An animation piece about a boy and a monster he meets in the subway.

• “The Right Spot” - Directed by Jeff Katts: A desperate housewife tries to save her marriage by giving her husband amnesia.

• “Ipo Lei Manu” - Directed by Daniel N.L. Boulos: A Hawaiian musical animation piece.
• “The Marrying Type” - Directed by George Russell: A single woman returns to Honolulu for her 10-year high school reunion.

• “Sugar Raid”: A humorous animation piece created by students at Kapiolani Community College.

• “A Legacy” - Directed by Dorothy Mane: A Samoan woman repudiates the violent legacy of her family.

• “The Making of a Karaoke Video” - Directed by Gerard Elmore: A mockumentary of the behind-the-scenes of a karaoke video.

• “Kava Kultcha” - Directed by Leah Kihara: In the year 2015, an underground resistance struggles to perpetuate their Kava Kultcha.

• “Autumn” - Directed by Shane Curtis: A young man looks into a mirror and sees his father.

• “Ebb and Flow” - Directed by Michael Ogasawara: A day in the life of a city.

• “One Night in Bangkok” - Directed by Brent Anbe: A fun, sexy, and campy music video.

• “Saul & Mia” - Directed by Tony Pisculli: Mia learns the awful truth about Saul.

• “Notes with a Beat” - Directed by Aran Higa: A live- action piece involving a college student and music.

• “When We Were Ten” - Directed by Jules Nathan: A music video about being younger.

• “Ricky the Robot” - Directed by Hank West: A hilarious mockumentary about a college student who set out to create a superstar robot.


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