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College of Communication hosts mixer

by Chris Alcantara, associate editor


There was more than enough friendly atmosphere and good spirits to go around at the Fall semester’s College of Communication student-faculty mixer, held at Kailua Beach Park Oct. 5.

The party was organized by Crystal Brewe, the administrative assistant of the CoC, and was open to all graduate and undergraduate students with CoC majors. The event was an opportunity for students and faculty to mingle while enjoying pizza, cookies, and the beauty of Kailua Bay.

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“We try to hold at least one event every semester,” said Dr. Helen Varner, dean of communication. “We like to emphasize that there is more to college than just the classroom.”

Enough food and drink for a small army, a volleyball net, and perfect weather helped the party go off without a hitch. Faculty spent part of the morning setting up colored Sea Warrior balloons and banners, and students began showing up around noon. The afternoon was spent talking story, doing sports, and getting to know each other.

“ We truly believe that making friends is important,” said Varner. “That is what makes us such a cohesive team; we’re able to tie academics to other areas of social development.”

Varner added that in order to work well with people, there must be a certain level of bonding outside of the work environment. This lets people see their peers in a different light and gives them a better idea what each person is really all about.

Each spring the CoC holds Com Career Day to give students the chance to talk with communication professionals.



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