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Perfect dates can be price-less dates

by Amber Vega, staff writer


Picture this, the perfect date: You arrive at your date’s house in a cherry-red Ferrari and stroll up to her front door in your newly tailored Versace suit. The night begins with a romantic dinner for two at the luxurious Palominos Restaurant where you order the house’s finest wine. Next you and your date decide to go to the theatre to watch an award-winning play. And where might your seats be? Front row of course. After that, dessert and a nightcap sound inviting, so you head to Aaron’s Restaurant where you enjoy the scenic lights of Waikiki while you eat your lavish and expensive strawberries and chocolate flambé.

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The average costs for a night like this one, at least $200 (considering how much you dished out for that wine at Palominos). So let’s get back to reality, shall we. What average college student can afford such a date? A big fat ZERO comes to mind. Let’s face it, the struggling, young, full-time school, part-time work, living-with-about-50-roommates, and eating cereal for every meal college student just can’t afford it. And the ladies are actually realistic about this—if the one you’re dating isn’t, maybe you need to rethink your current situation. Even though your income or lack of it may be holding you back, there is no reason why you can’t give your date a special night without having to dig into next month’s rent money.

Hawai‘i has much to offer for a romantic evening. Living on a tropical paradise definitely has its perks, so take full advantage. Scenery is always free and always beautiful. Start off the night early by packing a small picnic dinner and watching the sunset at one of the numerous scenic spots available. Suggestions: Tantalus, Magic Island.

Or if your date is more of the partying type and enjoys being in the “college scene” Compadres Restaurant offers Taco Tuesdays when from 4–7 p.m. all tacos are $1 and margaritas are only $2. This way you can load up fast on some cheap but quality food and still enjoy a restaurant atmosphere.

After that you and your date could catch a nice independent film at Restaurant Row. Or, if high-ticket prices are keeping you down, there is always Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki that is FREE! FREE! FREE! Just make sure you get there a little early and reserve a spot. By doing this you and your date can enjoy an old fashioned drive-in kind of feel with a beach boy twist.

Bottom line, be creative. The best dates are usually the most unusual ones. Put some thought into your night, if you can’t put in any money. “The best date I have ever had was when this guy took me night surfing at Sandy’s, and we made a fire on the beach when we came in,” said Jade Seibel a sophomore at Windward Community College. “It was special because it was unique.”

Picture this: You pick up your date in your average but very clean car and take her down to Magic Island where you two enjoy the home-cooked meal you have prepared and watch the sunset. After that, you both decide to catch the film, an oldie but goodie, playing at Sunset on the Beach. Once that is over, you take your date on an evening drive from Waikiki to Waimanalo going around Hawai‘i Kai. On your way there you stop at the local Jamba Juice in the Koko Marina to get a nighttime snack, which is much healthier and cheaper than a nightcap and dessert but still sweet and tasty. Next you stop at the cliffs adjacent to Haunama Bay and talk under the moonlight while getting to know each other. Finally in the twilight hours of the morning, you and your date make your way down to Waimanalo Beach to watch the sunrise.

Average costs for this date, about $10 for the smoothies. The realization that you just had the most perfect night and can still afford rent, priceless.


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