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An open letter to students from the Sea Warrior Center management

Dear HPU Students,

As the General Manager of the Sea Warrior Center, I want to take this opportunity to explain how the Center is managed and operated. My hope is to clarify any misunderstandings that may have arisen about food, beverages, and the general use of the facility.


The Sea Warrior Center is not an HPU establishment. Rather, it is owned and managed by SFS, LLC, a private company dedicated to bringing the students of Hawai‘i Pacific University a comfortable environment in which to eat, socialize, and relax throughout the day.

When the SFS, LLC was considering opening the Sea Warrior Center, we collaborated with University officials to determine the kinds of services the Center should have. After receiving input from the University community, SFS, LLC made a number of decisions; the most critical involved food service.

It is very important to remember that the Sea Warrior Center is a business. We pay a lease rent to the building and must depend on revenue from our services to meet operating expenses and pay our employees. We are pleased to offer many free services (e.g. computer access, conference rooms, etc.). However, it is our food service that must generate sufficient income to cover our costs. And that’s the reason why we only permit food in the Sea Warrior Center that is purchased there.

We have tried to provide a menu that is economical, tasty, and offers choices. Many of you have made recommendations about the menu, and we have incorporated many of your suggestions. We encourage all of you to continue to evaluate our services and suggest how we can better serve you.
I need your support to keep the Sea Warrior Center the wonderful gathering place it has become for HPU faculty, staff, and students. Together we can make it a success for everyone.

/s/ David Hinterreiter



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