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USA Today forming All-USA Academic Team

by Kalamalama staff

USA Today is seeking 20 students who can be held as representatives of all outstanding undergraduates in the country. The winners will each receive $2,500 cash awards. Nomination deadline is Nov. 30.

The faculty is invited to nominate a qualifying student or students. The nominating professor should address the merits of the intellectual endeavor described by the nominee in his or her 500 word essay. This is required and not regarded as one of the two letters of recommendation.


A nominee must be a full-time undergraduate student (12 credits). U.S. citizenship not required. Nominees must submit the following :

1. Honors and Awards:

A list of no more than five honors, not including Dean’s List and honor roll designations, earned since the nominee enrolled in college with dates and explanations of the scope of the honors and why they were given.

2. Campus activities:

A list of no more than five campus activities in which the nominee has participated as an undergraduate, with dates and leadership positions held, in order of importance to the nominee.

3. Community and professional activities:

List no more than five community activities in which the nominee has participated since entering college, with dates and leadership positions, in order of importance to the nominee.

4. Internships, outside study, research, and publications:

Describe any internships held, study outside the nominee’s current institution, and works (creative or research) the nominee has had published while an undergraduate. Include dates and brief descriptions of work done.

5. Demonstrate scholarship or talent:

The nominee should choose one of the items from the above, or a similar item, and describe in 500 words or less why it is his or her most outstanding intellectual endeavor and how it may benefit society. This essay carries the most weight in the judging process.

For application forms, contact: Mariam Fouad, associate director, Scholarships & Honors, 566-2430, e-mail



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