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Chorale holds "So stress" auditions

by Yuka Suzuki, staff writer

The HPU International Chorale held auditions on Sept. 10 for its December Christmas Around the World concert.


The auditions were held in the 1060 Bishop St. (LB) building Penthouse and are combined with a rehearsal for choral members. The audition aimed to verify vocal ranges, such as sopranos or altos for the female parts and tenors or basses for the male parts.

HPU’s International Chorale plans several events this year, including performances at Carnegie Hall in New York next summer. Christmas Around the World will be held Dec. 6 at 7 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, on the corner of Beretania and Alakai streets.

About 50 students participated in the Chorale program this year. They are from 10 different countries, including Sweden, Brazil, Malaysia, Saipan, Japan, and the United States. About 65 percent of the members are female and 35 percent male. Director of Choral Activities Susan Duprey said they are still looking for more male vocalist this year.

The choir manager for both the International Vocal Ensemble and the International Chorale is Scott Shaub, a public relations major and theater minor. 

Shaub, who sings bass, explained to those trying out that the chorale audition would be simple. When he first auditioned, Duprey played some scales on the piano and he just repeated them, going as high and low as he could sing.  “I always get nervous when auditioning, even if I am sure that I will get a part,” he said, but he admittd that Duprey’s audition “was very relaxed and simple.”

Soprano Kate Sarff, from Seattle, Wash., a marine biology major, said auditioning for the group and being accepted is a great opportunity for her. Being a member of chorale is one of the reasons she decided to attend HPU.

“ Though my major is marine biology, I didn’t want to give up singing all together, and this way I can do both,” Sarff said. She said she enjoys singing with this talented group of diverse people.



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