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Film: Are you The Marrying Type?

by Kalamalama staff

Picture this scenario: You are in college, and you are dating someone whom you have known since high school. Eventually things get serious: you fall in love, and you plan a future together. Sooner or later, one of you wants “space.” The relationship falls apart, and you are heartbroken. You graduate, move away, and get on with your life, right? Now let’s fast forward to your high school reunion. You are flung back in time, and all of the people from your past resurface to see if you have done anything with your life, including the one who broke your heart. What happens next is best described as emotional chaos and a hilarious walk down memory lane set to the popular music of the early ‘90s. In the short film “The Marrying Type,” it’s the ultimate reunion nightmare come to life.


Written by HPU graduate Cari Carter (Aguilar) and directed by George Y. Russell, “The Marrying Type,” is a romantic drama with a twist. The lead character, Maya, is played by Karrie Salmon. Maya moved to Los Angeles after graduation from college, in an attempt to escape her past. Although she is successful in her career, her personal life is a mess.

She gets a call from her best friend Naomi, played by Cari Carter, about their upcoming high school reunion. Although Maya dreads the emotions she may have to deal with, Naomi convinces Maya to attend so that she can resolve her feelings for Cris, her ex-boyfriend, and get on with her personal life.

Maya quickly discovers that much has changed since college graduation. Her former boyfriend, played by Ryan Calder, is no longer commitment-phobic, and Naomi, once the consummate party animal, is desperate to settle down. She also discovers that many things remain the same, such as her feelings for Cris. Maya has to decide whether to pursue Cris or seek closure.

With a soundtrack that includes “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred, the film takes some fun, comedic turns throughout its fifteen minutes, but it ends with a dramatic and unexpected plot twist.

The Marrying Type is one of 15 films selected to be shown at the ‘Ohina Short Film Showcase. “More than 70 entries were received for the ‘Ohina Showcase,” according to Joji Yoshida, its media director. “The showcase was created to support a variety of local independent filmmakers and provide them with a chance to exhibit their films to the local community,” Yoshida added, so selection is a real honor for the filmmaker.

The ‘Ohina Showcase will be held October 17th and 18th at the Honolulu Academy of Arts Theater. For more information, call the ‘Ohina Hotline at 951-4413.


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