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Drive with aloha

by Radasha Ho'ohuli, Lifestyles editor

You are driving along Kalakaua Avenue, enjoying sunny skies, ideal weather, and the sight of beautiful beaches when all of a sudden…eeek! You have to come to a screeching stop because the driver in the next lane just swerved into your lane in front of you. What do you do, besides slamming on the brakes? Flip the infamous, lovely third finger? How do you feel? Upset and outraged. Wanting to put up your dukes with that stupid S.O.B.?    

Folks, this is Hawai‘i, a place of “aloha.” Among the definitions of “aloha”, in the Hawaiian dictionary, are such words as “love”, “mercy”, “compassion”, “pity.” So, focus on those words. Go ahead, pity the person in front of you for the harm that he would have caused himself and you (and you would have caused him if you could have gotten your hands on him—and if you were bigger).

Be thankful that you are in Hawai‘i and show compassion to that person. Give mercy onto him and wish him a safe drive home. Love the fact that you are the better person in the situation. Say good-bye (another meaning of “aloha”) to those negative thoughts and greet your new character with a sense of accomplishment.

So what are some things that you can do to drive with aloha?

• Don’t rush. Many of us have busy schedules, trying to go to school, making it to work on time, and of course, making sure we get to those raging parties without missing anything. Take your time. Don’t let life pass you by. Try giving yourself extra time to get to and from each place.

• Listen to your favorite tunes. Music “soothes the savage breast” and eases people into a realm that makes them a lot more patient and accepting.

• Smell the plumerias. Roll down your windows, enjoy the scenery, and take time to really appreciate the beauty of Hawai‘i.

• Shaka. Give that hangloose sign to the person that you let cut in front of you. You can share your space. No biggie.

Oh, and finally, if all else fails, just take The Bus! The strike is over, so let the bus driver deal with road rage instead of you. After all, you have too many other priorities in your life to deal with.


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