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EFP goes ''country''at annual picnic

by Jenny Lundahl, editor


The annual English Foundation Program picnic was held at the Hawai‘i Loa campus on Oct. 11, and this year’s theme introduced students and faculty to the all-American, country and western “cowboy” theme.

“I have never been to such a wonderful party, said Amanda Yu with an excited look in her face. She is an EFP student from Taiwan.

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The EFP picnic is an event that offers faculty and students a chance to socialize outside the classroom, as well as meet new friends and instructors. “Some of my friends from my classes are here, but I also made a few new friends,” said Kassie Chou, an EFP student from Taiwan.

The picnic had a good turnout because the EFP program promoted the event. A table on upper Fort Street Mall sold tickets for the event and instructors announced it in all their classes. Many students in EFP and the Teaching English as a Second Language programs also contributed time and effort selling tickets and spreading the word to friends and classmates. The picnic started on the lanai of the academic center, which was set up with musicians. Dr. Robert Bley-Vroman, the band director, acted as the singing and dancing instructor.

“ I learned four new songs,” said Judy Wang, from Taiwan, while singing one of the songs in chorus with Yu to provide a sample. One of the songs that Bley-Vroman taught the audience was “My Darling Clementine.”

After the group sang on the lanai, students and faculty had a choice of three separate activities before lunch. First, they could learn how to line dance and square dance. Second, they could play games such as wheel barrow race, spoon and egg race, water balloon toss, and three-legged race. Or, they could make up two teams and play volleyball.

Lunch was served at noon and included a generous buffet with grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, vegetables, fruits, chips, chili, drinks, and desserts.

“ The food was delicious and I really enjoyed the dancing,” said Yu with a big smile. Hot dogs and burgers might not be included on the average EFP student’s daily menu, but considering the little food left over, it was obviously popular.

“ I just wish more faculty had come,” said Yu.




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