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Are you a global citizen?

by Amber Vega, staff writer

Do you consider yourself a global citizen? Are you, as an HPU student, receiving insight into other cultures and, overall, enhancing your outlook on the world? If not—or even if so—come and let your voice be heard at the Hawai‘i Pacific University Symposium on Global Citizenship, Saturday Nov. 8 from 8:30 till noon at the Hawai‘i Loa campus.

The overall goal of the Symposium, according to Nancy Ellis, the vice president and dean of Student Support Services, is to develop and disseminate possible definitions of global citizenship in the hopes of offering a framework for students to establish and practice their own views and definitions.

Nancy Ellis


“ It is a wonderful opportunity for students to get their voices heard,” said Ellis. “With such a diverse student body, it seems a natural concept for HPU to look at defining global citizenship since the students here are simply living it.”

The Symposium will be kicked off by guest speaker Caroline Matano Yang, head of the Fulbright Commission, which arranges Fulbright grants and fellowships so students and faculty can travel and study abroad. This will be followed by eight one-hour, small group breakout sessions.

After the breakout sessions, everyone will reassemble for an open discussion about whether or not global citizenship exists in a meaningful way and how it is presented here at HPU.

Breakfast and a pizza lunch will be provided for all who attend.

And if you want to make it a global weekand, spice up Friday, Nov. 7, too, with some cultural enlightenment at the Intercultural Preview Day on Fort Street Mall.

Experience the vast possibilities of being a global citizen. It is an important topic for which there may never be a final conclusion but there will always be need for insight.

Sign up sheets are available at the Office of Student Life, 1188 Fort St., 544-0277, or through any HPU club president.



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