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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

Some business schools will have professors who are excellent teachers. Others will have professors who do outstanding research. Some will have individuals with excellent academic credentials. And some will have professors who have had business experience. What is unique about the faculty in general in our College of Business is that they possess all four of these criteria.

What this implies is that not only are they excellent professors, but also superb mentors. Should you have questions regarding a course, stop by for a chat. Think a paper you have written might be worthy of publication? Inquire about how to proceed, what format to use, which journals or magazines to approach. Considering a Ph.D. graduate school? Faculty have advanced degrees from the likes of Cambridge, MIT, Colorado, Pittsburgh, Yale, UCLA, Washington, Rutgers, Northwestern, Michigan State, and so on. They are acquainted with the strengths and weakness of many of the schools you might consider. Not sure what area of marketing in which to narrow your job search? Wondering about the opportunities for you with an economics or computer information systems degree? Concerned about whether you should apply to public or private accounting firms? Eager to find an in-road with an international firm? With the substantial business experience of our faculty, these are the types of questions with which they can ably assist.

Not only are our faculty excellent, they are improving. HPU’s College of Business Administration only hires faculty who will make the College better. This year that faculty member is Dr. Aytun Ozturk. He has a B.S. in Operations Research from the University of California – Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He has worked on improving work flow processes for Packard Bell, NEC, and UPS.

So the next time you begin to feel nervous about course content, how to manage the publishing maze, what graduate school to apply to, or how to frame your job search, stop by the office of your favorite professor in our College of Business. Don’t be shy. We’re all here for the same reason: to help you succeed.

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